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Speakers under $5,000 in Kananaskis

Are you running an event that needs a speaker, but are on a budget? Limelight Communications Group can help you find Speakers under $5,000 in Kananaskis. We can work within the means of our clients to find speakers for conferences, corporate meetings and special events. We offer unique speaker solutions while providing solid guidance and expertise on how to put the right person on-stage or behind the podium.

LimeLight represents a roster filled with speakers that offer an array of topics to inform, inspire and entertain your audience.  Making your event a success is our top priority. When matching you with a speaker we will have discussions about your events, what your goals are and find out who your audience is going to be. Our efforts include the time and care necessary to help our clients reach their goal while finding a speaker who can also bring the attendees out of their chairs.

Our roster includes speakers from all over North America. We have the necessary resources to fill the need for Speakers under $5,000 in Kananaskis. To confirm fees and availability of a speaker, please contact us at 902-433-1986 or toll free at 1-866-257-7325.

A Couple of Chicks
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Barb Fry
Barbara Crowhurst
Barry Green
Bette MacDonald
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Carman Pirie
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Colette Robicheau
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Curt Skene
Daniel Matteo
Dave Hemstad
Derek Edwards
Dr. Bill Howatt

Eddie Lemoine
Evan Carter
Gair Maxwell
Gary Summers
Halina St.James
Heidi Petracek
Janice Butler
Jay Malone
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Jeremy Bennett
Jimmy Flynn

John Dunsworth
John Gracie
Johnny Bagpipes

Katey Day
Kristin Roe
Lea Brovadani
Louise Burley
Mark Black

Martin Latulippe
Matt Disero
Meg Soper
Merge Gupta
Michelle Ray
Mike Kerr
Nancy Regan
Neville MacKay
Patrick Leroux
Paul Huschilt
Paula Morand
Pete Luckett
Peter Anthony
Peter Corbyn
Peter Davison
Richard Zurawski
Ryan Belleville
Sharon Skaling
Silver Donald Cameron
Steve Brinder
Tanya Sieliakus
Terry Kelly
Tony Quinn
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